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    Ching Kun VDI Tool Holder


Established in 1988, we have almost 25 years grinding & milling accessories R&D, innovation, and experience. Strict quality control and excellent performance is backed up by service second to none.
Manufacturer of Grinding Accessories | Milling Accessories | Magnetic Tools | Tool Maker Vise | Boring Heads
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Founded in 1988, Excellence has quickly become Taiwan’s leading “precision spiral bevel gear” manufacturer, offering a range of products popular with Asian, European and American customers.
Manufacturer of Bevel Gear | Spiral Bevel Gear | Precision Gear
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Precision Locknuts and components available in 10,000 various specifications with huge inventory to serve its customers. In the mean time, the 180 strong professional staff are highly motivated.
Manufacturer of Standard Locknut | Axial Locknut | Precision Locknut | Bearing Locknut
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Founded in 1979, Ching Kun have been dedicating to the everlasting operation of the company for many years. To keep up with the era of high-tech, rapid development, we have made every effort to upgrade product quality design, production facilities, and management so as to achieve the ultimate reliability as well as precision on every product manufactured by us.
Manufacturer of VDI Tool Holder | Tool Holder | CNC Tool Holder | Evermore Tools
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We specialized manufacturing the power chuck and Rotary cylinder. So far, we have developed a series of products under 15 inch and some related products. For example the spindle for CNC machine tools, coolant rotary joint, chuck, and cylinder for other purpose.
Manufacturer of Power Chuck | Collet Chuck | Rotary Cylinder
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Parts and components machine manufactured by Annway featuring high mechanical stability and accuracy. It is made to last and with excellent after sale service for all its clients.
Manufacturer of Collet Chuck | Tool Holder | Slim Chuck | Milling Chuck
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Janpo Precision Tools Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier specialized in designing and producing tungsten carbide end mills, and cutting tools for high hard and high speed cuttings.
Manufacturer of Carbide End Mills | Precision Cutting Tools | Carbide Cutting Tools
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Ton Fou, established in 1989, specialized in power chuck, collet chuck, hydraulic cylinder, coolant colletors, hard and soft jaw, etc. If you are looking for professional power chuck manufacturer, Ton Fou is your best choice.
Manufacturer of Power Chuck | Collet Chuck | Rotary Hydraulic Cylinder
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For more than fifty years, Cheng Feng has dedicated in upgrading of foundry technology. This includes investment in advanced manufacturing equipments and employee training all the time.
Manufacturer of Machine Tools Casting | Machine Base Casting | Bearing Casting
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KRICO is specialized in stamping and die-casting for the motorcycle and automotive industry. We always believed in "Quality Comes First", we produce a various range of products which meets the clients need.
Manufacturer of Die Casting | Metal Stamping | Friction Stir Welding | Aluminum Car Rims | Automotive Parts
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SYIC work for develop international market, so provides new products and control the quality is our striving policies, and hope able to ensure and promote the quality of our products cause built ISO 9001:2000 to set up excellent brand, grow up and, strong, to reach the goal operation always.
Manufacturer of Tool Holders | Collet Chuck | Boring Head | Cutting Tools
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TANSHING thread of "dual lead worm" is designed from small to large pitch; this feature provides easy adjustment on the backlash between worm and worm gear. Simply shift the worm in a longitudinal direction, the highest indexing accuracy on worktable will be maintained.
Manufacturer of CNC Rotary Table | Rotary Indexing Table | Rotary Table
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Yoen Electric Co., Ltd. was building in 1994. It is a factory specificalizing in transformers, reactors and voltage stabilizers products used to controlling voltage. We persist in quality. Through our abundant experiences and technology, we make each YOEN series product with excellent performances.
Manufacturer of Voltage Regulator | Three Phase Transformer | Isolation Transformer
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We manufacture Brazed Composite Material and sell TG develop of brazed type composite blank to PCB drill / router bits market, we also produce micro drill bits for BGA and Router bits, end mills, special (form) tool, precision punch at present.
Manufacturer of Cutting Tools | End Mill | Diamond Tool
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Our company began with Tung Li Gear Works that was established in 1963. In addition to using advanced equipment from Germany, Swiss and Japan to produce all kinds of gears, worm and worm gears, Tung Li also accumulated more than 40 years manufacturing experience during the same time.
Planetary Gear Reducer For Servo-Motor
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Exact adopts "dual lead worm" and "one-body design" to bring the highest rigidity, transmission torque and anti-wearing features during machining. Efficiently increase the matching accuracy and avoid outer impact.
Manufacturer of Index Table | CNC Rotary Table | CNC Tilting Table
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Safeway Machinery Indus. Corp. was founded in 1985. We are a professional manufacturer in MC precision machine vise and accessories with excellent reputation in Taiwan. We won the 3th and the 4th Taiwan Innovalue award and passed through ISO 9001 certified. Our markets spread to all over the world and believe that you can rely on our quality.
Manufacturer of FMS Compact Machine Vise | Drill Grinding Machine | Index Table
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Our engineers conduct thorough analysis according to the customer’s machine model, production capacity required and resin properties before design. All related parameters that may affect screw performance are designed based on theorem, such as screw type, L/D ratio, flight depth, flight density, helix angle and so on.
Manufacturer of Pellet Extruding Machines Screws / Barrels | Blow Moulding Machines Screws / Barrels
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Walrus Pump is the leading water pump manufacturer in Taiwan. With 40 years in business, we have a broad base of customers including distributors, engineering firms and OEMs who depend on our pumps. Please browse our website to see all the different pumps we make. Fax or email any request and we will get back to you right away.
Manufacturer of Water Pump | Coolant Pump | Centrifugal Pump
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The industrial transformer is designed for changing the power voltage to a desired voltage, which is normally applied for industrial control circuit and motor control. In application of electronic control, the stabilized voltage at second side is capable of resiting an instant energized current.
Manufacturer of Servo Type Transformer | Three Phase Dry-Type Transformer
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HERBERT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in 1995, manufacturing hydraulic vise and accessories for machine tools. The vise is uniquely designed and specially constructed. We employ the highest quality material to tolerate deforming and bending. Slideways are hardened by heat treatment for excellent durability. Our goal is to produce world-class quality products for users around the world.
Manufacturer of Super Open Type Vise | MC Double-Clamping Precision Vice
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Hsin Huan Lung has worked since its founding to produce all types of enameled stainless steel,Forged Flange, Welding Neck Flange and oil less bearing. Many areas from smelting and ironwork to CNC processing plants, precision monitoring equipment and computer flow monitoring systems.
Manufacturer of SPB Oil Less Bearing | SFP Oil Less Bearing | SWP Oil Less Bearing
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GANRO INDUSTRIAL CORP. specialist manufacturers of rotary tables was established in 2008 as the successor of Golden Sun. Based on technology and equipment from Golden Sun, GANRO has decades of close cooperation and OEM partnerships with companies like Okuma and Makino in Japan, and Hurco and TMU in the US. For precision and high quality rotary tables there is only one choice - GANRO!
Manufacturer of CNC Rotary Table | CNC Index Table | 5 Axis Rotary Table