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Bag Making Machine Manufacturers

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CHERNG HORNG provides you whole plant equipments and project solution for marking plastic film and plastic bags, including Blown Film Machine, Stretch Film & Cling Film producing line (Blown Film Machine & Rewinder), Flexographic Printing Machine, Bag Making Machine and Recycling Machine.
Manufacturer of Film Extrusion Machine | Flexo Printing Machine | Bag Sealing and Cutting Machine
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Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in making whole plant turnkey plastics bag equipments including bag-blowing machinery, printing machine and bag making machinery.
Manufacturer of Bag Making Machine | Flexo Printing Machine | Cutting and Sealing Machine | Plastic Shopping Bag Machine | Plastic Bag Making Machine
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Phyllis Co., Ltd. has been since 1972 devoted to the development of whole plant equipment for making pp/hdpe woven bags, cement sacks, container bags, tarpaulin, knitting net and bag, pp/ps sheet extruder for food stuff and stationery, non-woven products making machines.
Manufacturer of Auto Bag Making Machine | Laminating Machine | Flat Yarn Making Machine
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S-DAI is a bag making machine manufacturer; our main product include plastic bag making machine, sealing & cutting machine, zipper bag making machine, stationery making machine, packaging machine, and so on.
Manufacturer of Bag Making Machine | Plastic Bag Making Machine
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Plastic Bag Making Machines ST-99 COSMO MACHINERY CO., LTD. established in March 2001, is well known for manufacturing plastic bag making machine with servo driving system.
Manufacturer of Plastic Bag Making Machine | T-shirt Bag Making Machine | Sealing & Cutting Machine
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In 1980, Mr. Liao founded Shing Tsao Corporation with professional technique and entrepreneurial spirit. In the beginning, the enterprise was focus on classical winder machines. With growing demand, the enterprise has dedicated to Parallel Cheese Type Winder, Pirn Type Winder, Flange Type Winder, Low Speed Cheese Type Winder, Hot Cutting Machine and High Speed Cheese Type Winder. Furthermore, the High Speed Cheese Type Winder is reputed by high speed up to 400 m/min.
Manufacturer of High Speed Winder
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Special design of the screw for higher capacity. Complete construction for stable operation and maintenance. With adjustable take up tower and pneumatic pinch roller device. Load cell converter as optional equipment for automatic width & thickness control as operational equipment for automatic width & thickness control and adjustment, easy operation and save time.
Manufacturer of Side Seal Bag Making Machine | PE Film Blowing Machine
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