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Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturers

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Quick die change system, QDC system, manufactured by Forwell featuring high mechanical stability and accuracy. Apply the hydro-pneuma boost pump unit to prevent the working environment from oil pollution.
Manufacturer of Quick Die Change System | Quick Mold Change System | PCB Fine Piercing System
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SINO-ALLOY MACHINERY INC. is an independent affiliate of POLYALLY that produces and sells polymer production and research machinery.Sino-Alloy's family of PSM Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders are high performance machines that have been developed for use in large volume production.
Manufacturer of Twin Screw Extruder | Screw Conveyor | Pelletizer
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ARICO was established in 1987, being a company that manufacture industrial PC-based controllers, temperature controllers and machine controls. At once, we has the dealership of Chinese district from GEFRAN, a stock market company in Italy.
Manufacturer of Hot Runner Controller | Temperature Controller | Solid State Relay
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Established in 1952, now it has a branch and offices throughout China. ISO9001 and CE approved product lines, offering ODM for many well-known Japanese and German brands. Excellent customer service!
Manufacturer of Air Chiller | Water Chiller | Temperature Controller
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